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Fast Brazilian Waxing

At susan perry esthetics in Wailuku, Hawaii, I offer fast Brazilian waxing as well as a range of other waxing services. Trust me for full-body, leg, and arm waxing services for men and women.

Brazilian Waxing

The Brazilian waxing service at susan perry esthetics is very quick—it usually takes about 15 minutes for quality results. I use facial wax for all waxing services because it is not very sticky and is the lightest option available.

Brazilian waxing can be provided in combination with any other waxing service. If you have more waxed, you will receive a discounted rate. For example, combining Brazilian and full-body or leg waxing will give you a 10% discount.

Privacy, Comfort, & Convenience

All of my waxing services are done in private rooms. Each room is comfortable to ensure you are able to relax during the experience. Brazilian waxing is just $45, and it lasts from four to six weeks for women, while men's results can last even longer.

As you continue waxing, you will notice less hair because the follicles stop producing over time. Despite the fact that waxing can be a painful process, I strive to keep my clients relaxed and enjoying themselves throughout the experience.

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Contact me for fast Brazilian waxing services, and be sure to ask how you can receive a discount!